How About That...

Wow. Time sure does fly. It feels like forever since January. Of course I have been very busy lately, so I will sum up the last few months.

Began my new series of small Valbrook cartoons, "Quickies." Started making them in January and was able to create up to 12 two minute episodes by May. And I have 16 more to go. Luckily I had the help of some great people to round out the cast.

If you have not seen any of the numerous posts I have made about the "Quickies," you can watch all of them here. Go on. I can wait.

And then for Free Comic Book Day this year, Michael and I gave away free Valbrook comics and buttons to people at Criminal Records here in Atlanta. I am always honored to be allowed to participate at Criminal Records. You can read a little more about that here.

While I animate, I still find time to create some digital art. Had the chance to create the poster for the new and exciting "Magic The Gathering The Musical."
Molly Coffee approached my with an idea and I went from there. Pretty keen. The film is going to pretty flipp'n sweet too!

Last but not least, The Death Of Spider-man Motion Comic was accepted to attend MegaCon's independent film festival. MegaCon sucked big time but I have a feeling it will be presented in more conventions. More on that later.

Still, Spidey is still climbing in views. 233,000 views as of this post. It also has a few international language versions and a music tribute. And a few people even re-posted the video, trying to pass it off as their own production. Ah, gotta love the internet. Speaking of, did I mention Death of Spidey now has its own imdb page!  Does this make me a  Director!?!

Hmm... >_>

Anyways. Got to catch some sleep so I can wake up early and start making more Valbrook Cartoons. If you haven't already, please like the Valbrook Facebook Page! Pretty please!

Until next time.