So... Yeah, blogging. I haven't been up to a whole lot in a while. Well maybe that isn't true. Mostly I have been starting on things and just haven't finished any of it. Between creating logos for people who haven't replied back to me or designing aliens for people I haven't replied back to. I just can not seem to motivate myself to finish anything at the moment. Especially this cartoon I have floating around in the back of my skull. On the brightside, I have ideas for new t-shirts. I am thinking of a new series entitled "Sweet but deadly." It will be t-shirts of sweet treats such as milkshakes, pies, and ice cream blended with horrible ways to die like drowning and suffocating. It will be a clothing line marketed towards women and little girls. Yeaaay! Also I did this as a shirt. Cool huh?

oh yeah... t-shirts are sold here:*