2013 was an amazing year

I haven't posted anything in awhile. Probably due to 2013 being a roller-coaster of a year.

First, I left my job working at a bakery and dove head first into the Film and Television industry. Worked on a few gigs since. Not much I can blog about that.

Second, I was signed on with Collective Digital Studios. http://collectivedigitalstudio.com They reached out to me in the beginning. They seemed to like my little Valbrook shorts enough. So that's cool.

Third, because CDS likes Valbrook, I have started animating my 42 minute pilot episode. I figured I would break it down to 5 episodes in order to produce it without killing myself. So far I have the first chapter uploaded and ready to go as soon as I feel like releasing it. If anybody would like to see it before I release it, just ask.

Here is a poster for the upcoming short.

This month, CDS wanted me to pitch them a show for the Annoying Orange Channel and/or the Fred Channel. So of course I pitched Valbrook along with two other shows I have in the works. I admit, they aren't exactly suitable shows for those channels, but it is nice to be talks with a network. So who knows.

Really, 2013 has been a crazy year that I will never forget. On top of all the changes in my work, I asked the love of my life to marry me. She said yes! Unbelievable! 2013 was a big year!

Steven Bell's "Drone"

So I had the honor of helping out my bud Steven Bell create this music video for his single "Drone." Maybe it's because I have listened to it a few hundred times but it is a really catchy tune. Do us both a favor and check it out. I must warn you the video I made to coincide with the music can be a little dark...


Hey there! 2013 is here and so is my new homepage/hub. Go on and give it a look. It showcases links to various sites and also my new demo reel. Also look out for my update IMDB page. Various of my Valbrook shorts were accepted into the database. I feel very pleased and looking forward to the rest of the year! So much more to come!